Preparing environment to use BoxGrinder Build

  1. Preparing environment to use BoxGrinder Build
  2. BoxGrinder Build installation
  3. Build your first appliance

To start building appliances you'll need to have a proper environment. You can use the meta appliance (simple way) or prepare your own build environment (longer way).

Meta appliance

See the meta appliance page for details on getting it up and running.

Preparing own build environment

To build appliances using BoxGrinder you need to use Fedora; but don't worry, the appliances you create can have any OS that BoxGrinder supports.

Fedora 15+

Info: Fedora 15 and later don't require any preparation before installing BoxGrinder - simply install the BoxGrinder RPMs, this will pull all required packages.


You're now ready to install BoxGrinder Build.