Build your first appliance with BoxGrinder Build

  1. Preparing environment to use BoxGrinder Build
  2. BoxGrinder Build installation
  3. Build your first appliance

Note: Before you start make sure you have installed BoxGrinder Build correctly.

Creating simple appliance

Let's assume we want to create a simple JEOS appliance. There are a few simple steps to follow to build your image.

Create appliances directory (optional)

Go to the directory where you want build your appliance, and execute:

mkdir appliances

Create appliance definition

The next step is to create an appliance definition. In this example we want create an appliance with basic packages. Below is a sample appliance definition file. Appliance definition file structure is explained here.

Create a file f15-basic.appl with the following content and place it under the appliances/ directory.

name: f15-basic
summary: Just Enough Operating System based on Fedora 15
  name: fedora
  version: 15
      size: 2
  - @core

Run BoxGrinder Build

The last step is to run BoxGrinder Build.

boxgrinder-build f15-basic.appl

You can check logs located in log/ directory if something goes wrong.