Appliance Definition parameters


You can use several parameters in your appliance definitions (.appl files). They can be used, for example, in external repository definitions.

name: postgis
summary: PostGIS appliance
  - jeos
  - name: "postgresql"
    baseurl: ""
  - postgresql
  - postgresql-server
  - postgis

Warning: If you use parameters in your definition, make sure that string containing this parameter is quoted!

Available parameters


Possible values (depends on your system):

  • i386
  • i686
  • i586
  • x86_64


Possible values:

  • i386
  • x86_64


Possible values:

  • fedora
  • rhel


Release version or name, eg. 15 (fedora), 5 (RHEL), rawhide (for Fedora developement).