Appliance Definition

Appliance Definition format

A detailed description of the Appliance Definition format.

Appliance customization

A guide on appliance customization (adding software, mixing in other appliances).

Parameters in appliance definitions

A list of parameters available to Appliance Definitions.


BoxGrinder RPM repositories

This article describes the locations where you can find BoxGrinder RPM artifacts.

How to use a local RPM repository

This article helps you understand how to add software to your appliance when it is not available in official repositories.

BoxGrinder Build

Quick Start

This quick start walks you through the BoxGrinder Build set up process and helps you build your first appliance.

Usage instructions

This article introduces command line options for BoxGrinder Build.


Plugin list

In this article you can find the complete BoxGrinder Build plugin list with descriptions and usage instructions.

How to write a plugin for BoxGrinder Build

This guide shows you how to write a plugin for BoxGrinder Build.

Meta appliance

A meta appliance is an appliance prepared to run BoxGrinder Build. It allows you to build other appliances without installing any BoxGrinder--related packages on your system.