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Latest meta appliance, version 1.7

This is the latest and greatest meta appliance. It's based on Fedora 15 operating system.

If you find any issues with meta appliances - let us know!

Amazon EC2 AMI's

us-east-1 region, EBS based

  • i686 ami-ecb76585
  • x86_64 ami-fab66493

us-west-1 region, EBS based

  • i686 ami-f1aef7b4
  • x86_64 ami-ebaaf3ae

ap-northeast-1 region, EBS based

  • i686 ami-9612a497
  • x86_64 ami-6012a461

sa-east-1 region, EBS based

  • i686 ami-5273ac4f
  • x86_64 ami-ea72adf7

us-west-2 region, EBS based

  • i686 ami-aa05889a
  • x86_64 ami-40058870

ap-southeast-1 region, EBS based

  • i686 ami-9e92d6cc
  • x86_64 ami-2292d670

eu-west-1 region, EBS based

  • i686 ami-f54b7281
  • x86_64 ami-3f4b724b

Offline appliances

  • RAW i686 appliance [374 MB]
  • RAW x86_64 appliance [393 MB]
  • VMware i686 appliance [374 MB]
  • VMware x86_64 appliance [393 MB]

  • Meta appliance archive

    We strongly encourage you to use latest, 1.7 meta appliances. Use older appliances only in case of emergency :)

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