BoxGrinder Build is a command line tool helping you build appliances

BoxGrinder Build

How it works

BoxGrinder Build has a plugin architecture. We can distinguish three types:

  1. Operating System plugins – generating base appliance for selected OS,
  2. Platform plugins – creating converted base appliance for selected platform,
  3. Delivery plugins – designed to deliver your new appliance to a specified location. For example as a tar file to a remote server or just register as AMI on EC2

BoxGrinder Build

Learn more

The best way to learn more about BoxGrinder is to read the BoxGrinder Build tutorials pages. And don’t forget to checkout the FAQ.

To start using BoxGrinder Build quickly – take a look at Quick Start page where you’ll find information on how to prepare your environment, create your appliance definition file and build your first appliance!

Latest stable release

BoxGrinder Build: 0.10.3

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