BoxGrinder Build around the World

Whilst procrastinating perusing the Internet, we happened to encounter some fantastic non-English BoxGrinder Build tutorials that are more than worthy of sharing.

Brazilian Portuguese: Appliances na hora com BoxGrinder

Appliances na hora com BoxGrinder is a beginner's BoxGrinder Build tutorial by Amador Pahim, showing how to define and build a custom httpd appliance from scratch.

Japanese: BoxGrinderで遊ぶ (Playing with BoxGrinder)

Takayoshi Kimura's blog-post on playing with BoxGrinder Build; a basic tutorial on BoxGrinder Build, demonstrating how easily you can link your images into libVirt.

Contribute BoxGrinder tutorials in your local language

If you are able and willing to write BoxGrinder Build tutorials in your local languages, then we're interested in hearing from you. These contributions could be tutorials or articles written on your blog or web-site, or by volunteering to translate existing content.

We are happy to share links your content. Assistance from the community to widen the accessibility of BoxGrinder Build is something we're keen on doing as we grow, so if you can translate then let us know.