JBoss PaaS arrives and BoxGrinder update

JBoss PaaS

Yesterday Red Hat announced in a webcast a new PaaS solution based on JBoss and Red Hat products. You can read more about this on JBoss PaaS dedicated site. Red Hat PaaS press release contains valuable information too! We're very excited and encourage you to look closely to JBoss PaaS.


BoxGrinder news

New website!

imageSince yesterday BoxGrinder has a new project page and community space! We're very proud to see our kid standing on its own legs.

BoxGrinder Build 0.5.1 released

With the new site we released also a new BoxGrinder version: 0.5.1. This is mostly a bugfix release including boxgrinder-core, boxgrinder-build and a few plugins. Here is the full list of bugs fixed in this release:

  • [BGBUILD-40] - Augeas kills guestfish after 'aug_init "/" 0'
  • [BGBUILD-43] - ec2-ami-tools is not usable on EC2 appliances
  • [BGBUILD-44] - ExecHelper should raise exception if execution fails
  • [BGBUILD-45] - system-config-securitylevel-tui package is required on RHEL/CentOS 5

To update BoxGrinder to latest version run this command:

gem update boxgrinder-core boxgrinder-build boxgrinder-build-rpm-based-os-plugin boxgrinder-build-fedora-os-plugin boxgrinder-build-rhel-os-plugin boxgrinder-build-centos-os-plugin boxgrinder-build-fedora-os-plugin boxgrinder-build-ec2-platform-plugin

A bit long, but should do the work. If you have questions, we're for you in our new forums.