BoxGrinder Build 0.6.0 released!

I'm really happy to announce availability of BoxGrinder Build 0.6.0! This is major release fixing many bugs. More, we added some great feature I'm describing below and added some usability improvements too! So, let's dive into new BoxGrinder!

EBS AMI support

As I mentioned in earlier post – we added support for building EBS-based AMI's on Amazon Web Services. The process is really easy – you just need bear in mind that you must execute the build on EC2 (we need to mount ESB volume) and instance on which you want to build the EBS AMI is in the same region as you choose for the AMI. But don't worry: BoxGrinder will remind you about this if something is wrong :)

For more info about EBS plugin please refer to EBS plugin page on our wiki or as directly on our forums.

Cross-arch building is now supported

From now you can build 32 bit appliances on 64 hosts. This is supported for all OSes. If you have problems with it, please file a new ticket in our tracking system. To build 32 bit appliances on 64 bit host you need to use setarch command, for example:

setarch i386 boxgrinder-build jeos.appl

That's all!

Many bug fixes and usability improvements

We fixed (with great help from our community!) many bugs. Full (well, almost) list of fixed bugs you can find here. Let's have a look at the improvements:

Meta appliance has now bigger disk

We released a new version of meta appliance and yes it has a 10 GB root partition now! This means you don't have to create and mount a new disk to build appliances. Still, if you want to build AMI's – you need to have more free space. We encourage you to use meta appliance AMI to build AMI's: you get two things "for free":

  • a big /mnt partition where you can build the AMI
  • lighting fast upload to S3.

Automatic Boxgrinder Build installation on meta appliance boot

In meta appliance version 1.1+ we install on boot latest BoxGrinder Build. When the boot process finishes – you're ready to build your appliances! Of course boot process will be slower – meta appliance for slowest EC2 instance can boot 8 minutes. If you cannot log in to meta appliance, please see our FAQ.

Plugin design improvements

It's now easier to write plugins. We unified the interaction between BasePlugin class and your plugin. Take a look at BGBUILD-26. If you're a plugin developer – don't miss our plugin tutorial!

If you have any problems, please report it directly in our issue tracker or on our forums! We appreciate your feedback! You can talk to us on IRC:, channel #boxgrinder.


BoxGrinder Build 1.0.0.Beta2 and new StormFolio appliances: GateIn 3.0.0.FINAL and Fedora 11 JEOS

I'm happy to announce availability of new BoxGrinder Build version. 1.0.0.Beta2 is a bugfix release. We focused us on easy delivering of BoxGrinder Build too. From now we use RubyGems to deliver BoxGrinder Build releases -- there is no need to grab sources. For always up to date versions go to BoxGrinder Build RubyGem page. We added Fedora 12 support to BoxGrinder too, now you can build also Fedora 12 images.

If you're using Fedora (11 or 12) you can also add BoxGrinder repo to your setup and run:

yum install rubygem-boxgrinder-build

to install BoxGrinder Build.

With new BoxGrinder Build version we released brand new meta appliance which is ready to build your images. You can grab it here.

BoxGrinder Build documentation was updated. Especially we added a Quick Start page so you can start building your images as quickly as possible.

New StormFolio appliances

Two weeks ago GateIn team released final version of GeteIn 3.0.0. GateIn is a portal project from JBoss and eXo. We provide now appliances ready to run GateIn 3.0.0.FINAL on your favorite virtual environment as well on EC2!

We feel there is strong demand for appliances easy to customize. Therefore we provide now a JEOS version of Fedora. It's Fedora 11 based, we're working to make a really good Fedora 12 image (news soon!). You can run a JEOS appliance and install necessary software. This way you can quick start with development or production environment without CD jugging.

All appliances are ready to use, grab them from StormFolio download page!


Now we want to work on BoxGrinder REST and deliver first Beta in the near future. Keep an eye on this blog and Twitter.