Thoughts after Jazoon 2010

This year I had the chance to attend Jazoon 2010. In short - it was a great conference. Not only because of many good talks, but mostly because I had the met many great guys.

First day

On the first day I finally met Bela Ban. We talked about a few things which may improve clustering of JBoss EAP in the Cloud, so stay tuned!

We saw also Dan Allen presenting CDI with RESTeasy. This was a nice wrap-up for the topic, really though-out examples, liked it!

Heiko Braun presented two talks about GWT used in large scale applications. I'm not familiar with GWT, nor want to be for now, but the presentation showed us more general solution: if you have large application - use event-based solutions.

The new Servlet 3.0 specification was discussed by Rajiv Mordani - servlet spec leader. What can I say? Finally we have annotations, web-fragments and asynchronous processing. Presentation was really good, enjoyed it.

After the talks there was a networking event - a party at the cinema :) If you couldn't make it to be there, you lost a great event. Excellent way to meet new people with a great wine in one hand and tasty sandwich in second one.

Second day

The second day I began with hanging with Jean Deruelle. Consolidating our effort with Jean's telco stuff and Heiko Rupp's monitoring and managing software will be a huge thing for the Cloud. Cannot wait to make it happen!

I saw also a presentation from Edgar A Silva about integrating JBoss ESB and Apache Camel with many great examples.  JBoss ESB has much potential and it's easy extendable, nice!

Presentation from Doug Tidwell, an IBM evangelist. This was funny (in positive sense). He presented meta-apis in which IBM is involved: libcloud and simplecloud. We have jclouds and Deltacloud, this does a really good job for us too!

Then JBossians had some beers and good talks in the pretty Zurich. Was really nice.

Third day

I began my third Jazoon day with Arun Gupta's presentation about Glassfish and the Cloud. I was really curious what is the Oracle's proposition right now for the topic as I'm directly involved in this. What can I say? Glassfish deployment in the Cloud is much harder compared to JBoss using CirrAS. Really, this is not the way to go if you need to configure everything after you launch the instances. In that case there is really no difference between standard and Cloud deployment. In my opinion if you're leveraging the Cloud, this kind of stuff (clustering, load balancer configuration) should be automatically done. Of course using Elastra or RightScale will hide the complexity, as it was shown on the presentation. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Lunch at Jazoon"]image[/caption]

I really waited for Jean's presentation about Mobicents. It was great - after general introduction to VOIP we had chance to hear what the Mobicents project can offer us. And it's more than calling! Small example of integrating a call machine with an online store to inform the customer about the order and delivery was really nice.


After three days full of presentations, talks and beers the conference was ended. I hope I have the chance to be there next year.

P.S. Oh, and the food was just perfect!