Meet us at JUDCon 2011 in Boston!

This year you'll again see many JBoss developers at JUDCon 2011 conference in Boston which will take place on 2nd and 3rd May 2011.

This year for the first time there will be three tracks full of great presentations. Join me at 10:30 am, May, 2nd to hear about BoxGrinder. I'll show you a lot of BoxGrinder goodness. If you want to learn more about Boxgrinder internals and see a demo don't hesitate registering for JUDCon, because the time and tickets are running out!

BoxGrinder team (me and Marc) as well as the whole project:odd will be in Boston for the whole week also attending Red Hat Summit / JBoss World. If you're in the area and have questions regarding BoxGrinder or just want to drink a beer with us, please let us know!

See you in Boston!

JUDCon 2010 Berlin - impressions

It's over two weeks after JUDCon and I hadn't wrote anything yet. Now it's finally time to share my impressions on last JUDcon Europe we had in Berlin. This was the first JBoss User and Developer Conference in Europe. How it was? What I liked the best? Read on!


Yes, it's a great choice for conference (and not only!). Transport infrastructure is on highest level. You spend no time to wait for next train/tram, no traffic jams if you arrive by car.


Conference was held in Radialsystem V. This is a really nice venue – perfect for such mid-size conference. There was one big room downstairs (for 200 people) where everyone could sit down and talk with others. We had there lunch and dinner. There were also 2 rooms with space for 60 people upstairs where the talks were presented.


We had four tracks: SOA and integration, Cloud and large sale distributed systems, Workflow and BPM and JBoss AS 6 and 7. I attended Cloud and JBoss AS tracks.

Infinispan talks (we had many of them, maybe too many...) were really well attended. Galder and Markus have done great job introducing us to Infinispan and talking about Infinispan internals!

Bela had presented a brand new talk on clustering JBoss AS in the Cloud – as always – it was pleasure to listen to him. The talk showed all various methods we have in JBoss AS to discover nodes in the Cloud. And the live demo part (80% of the talk) was great!

Next we could see Pete's talk on Seam in the Cloud – he presented the ability to integrate JBoss Developer studio and a JBoss AS running in the Cloud. Very nice!

Adrian (a.k.a. jclouds guy) and Aslak gave us introduction to testing in the Cloud. Can you imagine testing worker nodes in the Cloud? Try Arquillian and jclouds!

On the next day I saw Jeff's talk on HornetQ – very clean and informative talk. I like very much live demos – and I saw that people enjoyed it too!

Then I saw a Drools talk showing us the application of the rule-based engines in assistive technology. This was a video teleconference with US because Tihomir couldn't make it to Berlin. It went extremely well – even when there was no presenter on the stage. Thanks Tihomir!

Next talk on JBoss AS felt out because the presenter was sick and I presented BoxGrinder. Even when people expected another talk – many of them stayed and listened to my talk. I'm very happy how it went (glad I prepared some slides in the train). Thanks guys for listening and for all the questions!

Last talk I saw was presented by Matt and the topic was JBoss AS performance tuning techniques. Matt showed pretty easy tools which can help us to diagnose the problems. Good!


On first day, after the dinner, we had Lightening talks and Hackfest. This was the time where people meet, drink beer, code and talk. Simple? Yes, it is. But you can receive much more than just a free beer. You can exchange your experience with other community members, more – with JBoss developers! You can, or even should code something (see name: Hackfest) with our developers.

And besides of this – it's a great way to spend time! I finally met people I'm talking on daily basis on IRC – and it was a great experience. Thanks!


For me it was a very nice conference. I was feeling like a community member. Only Hackfest could be more organized, as Mark pointed out. In spite of this – it was a great time for me. Thanks and see you next year!

P.S. Some pics.

JUDCon 2010 Boston CoolingTower/CirrAS and BoxGrinder videos

Recently we published slides from presentations Bob gave (thanks Bob!) at JUDCon 2010 in Boston. Now we have also videos thank to our video team! Enjoy!

JUDCon 2010 Boston slides

It's a busy week for JBossians. We're all (well, almost) in Boston attending JUDCon and JBoss World/Red Hat Summit. StormGrind was represented by Bob at JUDCon. We had two presentations: Cooling Tower/CirrAS and BoxGrinder. If you hadn't chance to attend JUDCon – we uploaded slides especially for you!

P.S. Did you know that CityTech mobile application prepared for JBoss World / Red Hat Summit is based on CirrAS? Thanks CityTech! Read more on how it's made on CityTech blog post.

BoxGrinder bugfix release: 0.4.1 and JUDCon

We released today new BoxGrinder Build version that fixes BGBUILD-24. The problem was that SELinux set to enforced mode generated a kernel panic on EC2 and VMware for CentOS/RHEL images.

To update to new version run:

gem update boxgrinder-build


A friendly reminder: JUDCon is coming! We (well, Bob) will be at JUDcon in Boston in a few days (21 June). Catch Bob, buy him a beer and talk about the Cloud and StormGrind!