How to install package group using BoxGrinder?

If you want install a specified package in an appliance – you simply add it to packages section, like that:

    - bash
    - mc
    - ...

Simple. But you can do more. Fedora (and RHEL too) has notion of groups. This helps you install a specific group of packages to have a selected functionality installed; for example GNOME Desktop.

What package groups are available?

Please use yum grouplist command for a full list of available package groups. Below you can find an incomplete (stripped language support packages) list of groups in Fedora 14:

Administration Tools
Mail Server
Network Servers
System Tools
Authoring and Publishing
Books and Guides
DNS Name Server
Development Libraries
Development Tools
Directory Server
Dogtag Certificate System
Educational Software
Electronic Lab
Engineering and Scientific
FTP Server
Fedora Eclipse
Fedora Packager
Font design and packaging
GNOME Desktop Environment
GNOME Software Development
Games and Entertainment
Graphical Internet
Input Methods
Java Development
KDE Software Compilation
KDE Software Development
Legacy Fonts
Legacy Network Server
Legacy Software Development
MinGW cross-compiler
Moblin Desktop Environment
MySQL Database
News Server
Office/Productivity Development
Perl Development
PostgreSQL Database
Server Configuration Tools
Sound and Video
Sugar Desktop Environment
Text-based Internet
Web Development
Web Server
Window Managers
Windows File Server
X Software Development
X Window System
XFCE Software Development

Core group

There is also one(?) additional group called core. This group contains a minimal package set and is considered as JEOS for Fedora. For Fedora 14 this group installs 192 packages (total list - including dependencies) which is a quite good result. Installed packages on disk take about 500 MB.

If you want create JEOS for Fedora using BoxGrinder, just specify the @core package group in packages list:

    - @core

We have an open issue to set @core package group a minimal package set to install on appliances. See BGBUILD-89 for more info. You can of course mix the package groups with packages - feel free to experiment!

    - @core
    - @XFCE
    - mc

BoxGrinder Build 0.5.0 release with Fedora 13 on EC2 support and StormFolio update

BoxGrinder Build 0.5.0 released!

I'm really happy to announce new BG release. Many people are waiting, so let's go into details!

Fedora 13 support for EC2

This was a big task. Thank to guys at Amazon and Fedora/Red Hat community we make it come true. Fedora 13 runs smoothly on EC2! This was possible because Amazon released new PVGrub kernel images. With that AKI's we can run our own (installed on AMI) kernel instead of forced by Amazon's. Goodbye old kernels!

This opens new possibilities for Fedora on EC2, for example there is a plan for Fedora 14+ to have official AMI's on EC2. You can see the feature page on Fedora wiki. Feel free also to join Fedora Cloud list and say what you think!

Continuous Integration and nightly builds

We set up a Continuous Integration server for StormGrind projects (BG included!) here. You can watch if we write stable code and download latest builds!

Artifact downloads

Fresh appliances in StormFolio

Yes, we know, you want to start NOW. We prepared new, fresh appliances, among others with Fedora 13 JEOS. It's ready to run on your favorite virtualization platform. We updated also GateIn appliance to latest version (3.1.0.FINAL).

Full list of appliances is available on StormFolio dowload page.

External plugins

We've done another major step in simplifying BoxGrinder. We removed plugins from our core repo and moved them to plugins repo. What's the big deal? From now we can release an update to a plugin (or a new plugin of course!) without pushing out new BG version. It'll speed up new features delivery and make you happy!

Every plugin, exactly like BoxGrinder itself, is released as a gem. For full list of released plugins consult this page.

How to use the new plugins you may ask? It's really simple, install boxgrinder-build gem

gem install boxgrinder-build

and install selected plugin

gem install boxgrinder-build-fedora-os-plugin

…and you're ready to build appliances based on Fedora OS.

In the near feature you can expect an article about writing new plugins, step-by-step, with examples. Watch the space!


Thank you for using BoxGrinder and our appliances. Now, go grab the hot stuff and let us know how it works! We really need your feedback. If you're new to BoxGrinder, start with our documentation and let us know how it goes!

BoxGrinder Build JIRA is always open for issues. / mobile application prepared for JBoss World / Red Hat Summit is based on CirrAS? Thanks CityTech! Read more on how it's made on CityTech blog post.

BoxGrinder Build 1.0.0.Beta2 and new StormFolio appliances: GateIn 3.0.0.FINAL and Fedora 11 JEOS

I'm happy to announce availability of new BoxGrinder Build version. 1.0.0.Beta2 is a bugfix release. We focused us on easy delivering of BoxGrinder Build too. From now we use RubyGems to deliver BoxGrinder Build releases -- there is no need to grab sources. For always up to date versions go to BoxGrinder Build RubyGem page. We added Fedora 12 support to BoxGrinder too, now you can build also Fedora 12 images.

If you're using Fedora (11 or 12) you can also add BoxGrinder repo to your setup and run:

yum install rubygem-boxgrinder-build

to install BoxGrinder Build.

With new BoxGrinder Build version we released brand new meta appliance which is ready to build your images. You can grab it here.

BoxGrinder Build documentation was updated. Especially we added a Quick Start page so you can start building your images as quickly as possible.

New StormFolio appliances

Two weeks ago GateIn team released final version of GeteIn 3.0.0. GateIn is a portal project from JBoss and eXo. We provide now appliances ready to run GateIn 3.0.0.FINAL on your favorite virtual environment as well on EC2!

We feel there is strong demand for appliances easy to customize. Therefore we provide now a JEOS version of Fedora. It's Fedora 11 based, we're working to make a really good Fedora 12 image (news soon!). You can run a JEOS appliance and install necessary software. This way you can quick start with development or production environment without CD jugging.

All appliances are ready to use, grab them from StormFolio download page!


Now we want to work on BoxGrinder REST and deliver first Beta in the near future. Keep an eye on this blog and Twitter.