CirrAS 1.0.0.Beta2

I'm pleased to announce availability of CirrAS 1.0.0.Beta2. This release includes several bug fixes and a bunch of new (or updated) technologies. You can find in CirrAS JIRA list of closed tickets.



RHQ is the platform used for JBoss products (but not only!) management and monitoring. With Beta2 we're using latest RHQ 3.0.0.B03 version. Release notes for RHQ 3.0.0.B03 can be found here.

Beginning with CirrAS 1.0.0Beta2 you have now a working monitoring and managing suite. On management appliance we have deployed RHQ server. You can reach it on port 7080. Default username and password for RHQ Server is rhqadmin/rhqadmin. Every node in the cluster comes also with a preinstalled RHQ Agent.

How it works?

  1. On management appliance RHQ server is started and reconfigured for your environment,
  2. RHQ agent on every node is reconfigured so it will know where RHQ server is located.
  3. On every node RHQ agent starts and connects to RHQ server.
  4. Every discovered service by RHQ agent is submitted to RHQ server.
  5. Discovered services are hold in Auto-discovery queue.
  6. A script is importing every discovered Apache HTTPD server and JBoss AS into RHQ inventory.

Above steps are executed fully transparently to end user. End user only needs to wait a bit and use that stuff!


JBoss AS 6 Milestone 2

On 16 Feb 2010 JBoss ASteam released new milestone version of  JBoss AS 6. This release adds support for JPA2 and Servlet 3.0. You can now use those technologies in CirrAS! New version of JBoss Microcontainer is also included.

Full release notes for JBoss AS Milestone 2 are available here. Don't forget to check out new great-looking JBoss AS project site!


We have a great news for Amazon EC2 users. In EC2 environment CirrAS doesn't require from now GossipRouter. Because on EC2 we don't have multicast available (which would greatly simplify cluster formation) we were forced to introduce GossipRouter - a service running on front-end appliance whose task was to coordinate back-end nodes. After a new cloud protocol S3_PING was added to JGroups - we could remove the unnecessary GossipRouter service on EC2.

With that change you need add bucket name to encoded credentials when you're starting management appliance. We updated our wiki page to cover that.

Fedora 12

In this Beta we're using Fedora 12 as our platform. Fedora 12 is the latest stable available version. Release notes can be found here.

Downloads and help

All appliances are available for immediately download (AMI list included). If you need help we're always for you on our forums or in our IRC channel: #stormgrind.