FUDCon Tempe 2011 - delayed impressions

Thanks to Max and Robyn (and of course my boss!) I was able to attend this year's FUDCon in Tempe, AZ. I submitted a talk proposal about BoxGrinder.

This was my first time at a BarCamp-like conference. I was surprised how the topic selection works. Every submitted talk (and there was about 70 talks at least!) was introduced by speaker in the main room in about 15 sec. This time must suffice to attract the people to attend the session. I like it this way – community chooses tracks they want listen to.

My BoxGrinder talk was accepted. Not sure if it was because of the topic itself or stickers that arrived one day before the conference :) Thanks Toby and James! Either case - my talk was scheduled right after BarCamp ended and we were forced to change the location. I had about 25 people or so. I think the talk went quite good, got a lot of questions. The difference between FUDCon and other conferences where I presented is that I got here more technical questions. Thanks for attending my talk. Slides are available in my previous post.

I attended some other (mostly cloud-related) sessions and met several people I knew only from IRC. It's always fun to assign an 'avatar' to an IRC nick :) I've talked a lot with Chris from Aeolus team and Graziano from Eucalyptus.

With Chris we talked about possibility of replacing appliance-tools with oz. Unfortunately we faced some performance issues in a virtualized environments which prevents the integration at this point :( Maybe in the future I'll take a look one more time on how to make it possible.

I and Graziano worked on an Eucalyptus plugin for BoxGrinder. It was quite straightforward as Eucalyptus is almost 1:1 AWS clone. we faced some minor issues, but expect to have Eucalyptus support added to BoxGrinder soon!

I learned some new YUM commands from James Antill. You can get transcript from this talk here. Skim it to grab the juicy commands.

Perry Myers (with a BoxGrinder sticker on his laptop!) presented Matahari which is a system for managing system services using agents connected to a bus. It's pluggable, so you can write your own agent to meet your needs. Transcript is located here (2nd half of it) and slides here.

At the end of first day at FUDCon we went to FUDPub to enjoy some beers with others, chat and play games! I was surprised on how good it was organized. We had a few bowling tracks for us, ping-pong, snooker and some other fun stuff. Thanks Fedora!

And of course I enjoyed Tempe. Drink some beers at Gordon Biersch's brewery and walked around the city. Took also a quick trip to Phoenix. You can see all my photos here.

Yes, FUDCon in Tempe was a great experience, thanks everyone for organizing and attending this event. see you next time!