Announcing StormGrind (and new releases!)

Welcome to our new blog!

Introducing StormGrind Blog

This is a successor of blog. Here you'll find articles and announcement of new releases for all StormGrind projects. P.S. All cloud related articles located at will be migrated shortly, so don't be afraid :)

Introducing StormGrind

StormGrind located on JBoss community pages is an umbrella for cloud projects found in JBoss. If you have questions about the project read first our FAQ document located on our new Wiki. We'll consequently update this document to answer all your big questions. Currently under StormGrind we have 7 projects:

  • Cantiere -- RPM building helper,
  • BoxGrinder -- Set of appliance tools;
    • BoxGrinder Build -- tool for building appliances
    • BoxGrinder REST -- REST interface to BoxGrinder Build
    • BoxGrinder Studio – web interface to BoxGrinder Build (no website yet – in planning),
  • CirrAS -- JBoss AS clustering in the Cloud.

A few of above projects are new, others are refactored, enhanced and renamed projects from incubator. More information about name changes you can find on our wiki. Source code was also migrated to new location. We're still on GitHub – check out stormgrind user! More info on source code on our project site. If you're still confused with name transition feel free to ask us on IRC, see below for more information.

Community and contact with developers

We currently don't have new mailing list. We're in the process of setting up forums for you. Forum availability will be announced in a separate post. If you're using IRC, we're ready for a talk in #stormgrind room on We have of course a shiny new Twitter account, follow us! Always up-to-date information about community you can find on our community page. Our new issue trackers are ready for your input!

New releases

We're also happy to announce first versions of CirrAS, BoxGrinder Build and Cantiere.

BoxGrinder Build 1.0.0.Beta1 released!

First Beta version of BoxGrinder Build is out now! BoxGrinder Build is a project formerly know as JBoss Appliance Support – a set of Rake tasks to build appliances from simple plain text appliance definitions. You can find more information on BoxGrinder Build on project page and documentation wiki.

1.0.0.Beta1 highlights

With the move to BoxGrinder from JBoss Appliance Support, appliance definition files structure has changed. Now you don't need to specify OS name and version (and many more!) via command line parameters, everything now is in one place – in appliance definition file. Read more about new appliance definition file structure on our wiki. We removed wizard feature in this version. Wizard was good when we had many command line parameters, but now we're using simple plain text appliance definition files and every information you're earlier specifying in command line parameters you can now put conveniently in this file.


Release notes for Beta1 can be found here and release is available for immediately download on the download page.

CirrAS 1.0.0.Beta1 released!

A first version of CirrAS – 1.0.0.Beta1 is also out! CirrAS is an effort make deploying of JBoss AS cluster in the Cloud as smooth as possible. More information is available on CirrAS project page and in the wiki.

1.0.0.Beta1 highlights

CirrAS is JBoss AS 6.0.0.M1 based! (JBoss Cloud was using JBoss AS 5). This helped to fix CIRRAS-6. CirrAS has a standalone JOPR installation for monitoring and managing services. The cool thing is that every discovered node is registered automatically. JOPR itself is automatically deployed on management appliance without the need to run configuration wizard, etc. To access JOPR console just point your browser to management appliance address and port 7080. Username and password are default for JOPR installations: rhqadmin/rhqadmin.


Summary of work done is available here. You can download CirrAS bits from CirrAS download page.

Cantiere 1.0.0.Beta1 released!

All RPM building stuff from previous JBoss Appliance Support is now moved to Cantiere. It is a helper tool for building RPM files from spec files. For more information about using Cantiere refer to our wiki.


You can download Cantiere from download page.