Reporting BoxGrinder Build bugs

So, you've installed BoxGrinder and you get an error while building your appliance? You need help and we'll provide it! But there are couple of things you should do before reporting a bug.

  1. First of all - search our issue tracker for similar bugs. Maybe it's already reported? If yes, please add a new comment - we'll respond to it.
  2. Search our forums - we have there a lot traffic and almost all known bugs were discussed there.
  3. If you couldn't find anything similar to your issue - start a new thread and describe your issue or directly open a new bug report in JIRA. Please attach additional information such like:

    • Which BoxGrinder version are you using? What OS? Which libguestfs version you have installed? Use these commands: rpm -qa | grep boxgrinder and/or gem list | grep boxgrinder and rpm -q libguestfs.
    • How did you installed BoxGrinder? (Meta appliance? Which version? Where do you run it? EC2? VMware? KVM?)
    • Attach as much logs as you can for affected build. Logs are located in log/boxgrinder.log file. But, please strip the content and attach only logs for last run.
    • Describe your issue best you can - this really helps!

If you follow above steps - we'll be able to react faster and solve your problem!

We're also available on IRC: #boxgrinder @ where we can answer your questions too!