BoxGrinder 0.10.1 Released

The long-awaited BoxGrinder Build 0.10.1 bugfix release is now available; with a variety of irritation eliminating alterations behaviour should be more consistent, and no longer prone to permissions errors.

Permission denied, log shifting errors

If you have seen any errors akin to:

FATAL -- : Logger::ShiftingError: Shifting failed. Permission denied - log/boxgrinder.log.2 or log/boxgrinder.log.3

The problem was caused when BoxGrinder switched to a local user from root, but the log file could still be owned by root. The issue was only apparent on certain systems, and even then often only occasionally.

Ruby 1.9

We've made some changes to ensure BoxGrinder runs correctly under Ruby 1.9, with a particular eye towards the forthcoming release of Fedora 17. You can see our earlier musings on the changes required.

Scientific Linux EBS AMIs

OS constraints on the EBS plugin have been removed, so you can now create a Scientific Linux EBS AMIs. As the limitation is generally eliminated, any community OS plugin is also be able to use the EBS plugin.

Bash tab completions

Basic bash tab completions have been sneaked into this release. Give it a try:

    [root@localhost ~]# boxgrinder-build my.appl --
    --backtrace        --delivery-config  --os-config        --plugins
    --debug            --force            --platform         --trace
    --delivery         --help             --platform-config  --version


Snapshots with the S3 plugin are working correctly again, and some simple testing issues were fixed.

Release notes


  • [BGBUILD-337] - In SL if default repos are disabled, /etc/yum.repos.d folder is not created
  • [BGBUILD-338] - Weed out non-deterministic tests
  • [BGBUILD-344] - Builds on some platforms impossible due to log (and/or other) files still being owned by root after boxgrinder switches to user
  • [BGBUILD-351] - s3 plugin attempts to create bucket with whole pathname during snapshot


  • [BGBUILD-349] - Use RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated Config deprecation warning with Ruby 1.9.3



  • [BGBUILD-348] - Simplecov coverage testing for Ruby >=1.9

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