BoxGrinder Build 0.9.6 with files support is out

We continue our rapid development and release another minor update to BoxGrinder Build today: 0.9.6.

This release includes mostly bugfixes, but we also have a neat surprise for you, read on.

What's new in 0.9.6?

GRUB fixes

We discovered some small issues that could prevent Xen/KVM/VMware appliances which used GRUB Legacy from running. Fixed!

File section support

Many of you requested an easy way of including selected files into appliances, for example scripts. Our answer thusfar was:

  1. Add your stuff to the post section, or
  2. Create an RPM (which is fairly simple!) and add it to your packages list.

Now this is over! Let me introduce the files section:

name: jeos-f16
summary: fedora 16
  name: fedora
  version: 16
    - ""
    - "chmod +x /opt/ && /opt/"

This way you have an easy and fast method of including your files into appliances. Feel free to test it and let us know how you like it!

For more information about usage please refer to files section documentation.

Swap support

We hadn't noticed earlier, but there was no way to specify a swap partition in appliance definition files. We have added it now. If you really want to have swap space on your appliance - just specify another partition with swap as the mount point, like this:

      size: 2
      size: 1

This release will be available in updates-testing Fedora repository soon. That's all for now. You'll hear more from us in the near future, stay tuned :)

Release Notes


  • [BGBUILD–298] - Fedora 16 or newer has networking issue on platforms different than EC2 because of biosdevname not disabled
  • [BGBUILD–299] - Wrong filenames in GRUB discovery
  • [BGBUILD–301] - Swap feature not working properly


Feature Request

  • [BGBUILD–276] - Import files into appliance via appliance definition file (Files section)

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