BoxGrinder Build 0.9.5 released

BoxGrinder Build 0.9.5 released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availablity of BoxGrinder Build 0.9.5! This is primarily a bug-fix release, but introduces one major new feature; Fedora 16 build support.

What's new in 0.9.5?

Fedora 16 build support

Fedora 16 has just reached alpha status, and to coincide with this event BoxGrinder Build now provides build support, allowing you to produced Fedora 16 based appliances, including EC2 and EBS based images! BGBUILD–279 BGBUILD–280

This comes with a caveat at present; the current Fedora 16 kernel suffers from the same device ordering problems that occurred with Fedora 15. There is a workaround however, by adding the updates-testing repository into the build:

name: jeos-f16
summary: fedora 16 jeos!
  name: fedora
  version: 16
  - name: "temp-fedora-updates-testing"
    mirrorlist: ""
    ephemeral: true

Once the fixed kernel is in the stable repositories, you won't need this workaround, simply remove the temporary repository entry.

0.9.4 Errata

This release fixes some bugs that were mistakenly introduced into the S3 and EBS plugins during thes rebase of a development branch. The net effect of which was that flaws were created in the release branch that were not present in the tested development branch.

We have improved integration tests to ensure this cannot happen easily again.

Other points of interest

  • BoxGrinder Build will now use more than 4 CPUS (BGBUILD–295), and should run faster than before on machines with larger numbers of cores/processors.

Of CentOS 6, Fedora 15 Kernels, and S3 Overwrite

When will CentOS 6 support arrive

Presently, we are awaiting the resolution of a CentOS 6 bug, and hope to provide build support as soon as the blocker is cleared. You can follow our progress on ticket [BGBUILD-267].

Trouble booting Fedora 15 S3 AMIs

A problematic kernel update (kernel-2.6.40-4.fc15) rendered many Fedora 15 S3 backed AMIs unable to boot, as detailed in RHBZ 729340. The issue has since been rectified, however any Fedora 15 appliances you may have built that used the aforementioned kernel will not function properly, and should be rebuilt. The fixed kernel is in the stable repositories, so simply doing a forced rebuild of any failed Fedora 15 appliances should produce a working machine.

The bug caused device naming to be offset, so whilst Fedora was expecting a root block device named xvda1, it was instead assigned the label xvde1. You should use yum update kernel to ensure you have the latest kernel installed, and if you were unfortunate enough to have an EBS instance rendered unbootable by the bug, then you may be able to revive it with the solution provided by community member jrosengren.

S3 overwrite issues

Particularly observant readers will recall that in the 0.9.4 release blog a bug in aws-sdk library was mentioned, which caused BoxGrinder Build's S3 AMI overwrite feature to fail. Subsequently a new release has been made that fixes the issue, and this has now been packaged and pushed to the Fedora repositories. The issue should no longer apparent in 0.9.5, or in 0.9.4 after a yum update.

Comprehensive Change-log


  • [BGBUILD–277] - When delivering as AMI, the EC2 region should match S3 bucket’s region
  • [BGBUILD–293] - Check certificate and key paths are valid before building AMIs
  • [BGBUILD–294] - Package aws-sdk 1.1.1 and update dependency
  • [BGBUILD–295] - Remove arbitrary 4 CPU limit
  • [BGBUILD–297] - Cannot create EBS appliances when using overwrite parameter


Feature Request

  • [BGBUILD–255] - Add welcome message for meta appliances
  • [BGBUILD–296] - BG should refer to version and release when building new appliances


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