BoxGrinder Build 0.6.5 released!

This is mostly a bugfix release including one very important bug. 32 bit AMIs produced by Fedora Cloud SIG showed up a nasty issue described in details in Red Hat Bugzilla bug report. After great help from Jeff Darcy - we have now a workaround. This workaround is now implemented in BoxGrinder. So, if you want to build Fedora 14 AMI's - please update BoxGrinder to the latest version!

Beginning with this version - BoxGrinder will not install ec2-ami-tools package by default for appliances converted to EC2 format. If you want still this package to be included in your AMI you need to do this manually. There are two steps to do this:

  1. Put this package to a local repository and add it to packages section.
  2. Install the package using post section:

            - "rpm -Uvh"

Release Notes


  • [BGBUILD-105] - No plugin-manager require for local delivery plugin
  • [BGBUILD-106] - No plugin-manager require for fedora os plugin
  • [BGBUILD-107] - No plugin-manager require for vmware platform plugin
  • [BGBUILD-108] - No plugin-manager require for sftp delivery plugin
  • [BGBUILD-109] - readdir64 bugfix for i386 base AMIs


  • [BGBUILD-111] - Don't install ec2-ami-tools by default in AMIs

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