EBS AMI support for BoxGrinder

There is one issue in BoxGrinder JIRA we have been asked since long time. This is BGBUILD-3: support for EBS-type AMI's. Yesterday I commited initial support for this. What does it mean for you? Simple – you can now build appliances using BoxGrinder and then deliver them as EBS AMI's to Amazon Web Services.

It's here!

This was implemented as a new delivery plugin. Be aware that currently only Fedora 13 is supported – we'll expand support for other platform in the near future.

The plugin is not yet released, it'll be released along with BoxGrinder Build 0.6.0 in the next weeks. If you want try it now – please download nightly artifacts from our CI. Make sure you install also new version of boxgrinder-core and boxgrinder-build (also from CI) because the EBS plugin forced to make some changes in the core. To do this please download all required gems, put them in a directory and install them using this command:

gem install *.gem

How to use it?

It's just another delivery plugin. The only thing which is different is that you must execute the build on an EC2 instance. This is really important. The reason is because we need to mount an EBS volume to the instance and we can do this only on EC2. But don't be afraid – we have meta appliance you can run on EC2 and use it to build your appliances.

boxgrinder-build you_definition.appl -p ec2 -d ebs    

Of course make sure you created valid configuration file for this plugin as described here before you start.

I need help!

If you find bugs in that plugin, please report them in our issue tracker. You can always ask us for help on our forums or on ournew IRC channel: #boxgrinder@ freenode.net.

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