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BoxGrinder is a set of projects that help you grind out appliances for multiple virtualization and Cloud providers

Latest news: BoxGrinder 0.10.3 Released

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How does it work?

BoxGrinder build process

BoxGrinder creates appliances (also called images) from simple plain text Appliance Definition files. There are only two simple steps to create an appliance:

  1. Create Appliance Definition File – Check out our appliance definition structure page for detailed information about the file structure along with examples.
    name: jeos-postgresql
    summary: JEOS based on Fedora 15 with PostgreSQL server
      name: fedora
      version: 15
      - postgresql-server
  2. Run BoxGrinder – BoxGrinder will download all the necessary artifacts, build the instance, convert it to the selected platform and upload it to the selected destination. All in one process!
    boxgrinder-build jeos-postgresql.appl -p vmware -d local

That’s all!

Learn more

If you are new to BoxGrinder – watch the introduction video!

BoxGrinder supports many virtualization and Cloud platforms like EC2, Xen, KVM, VMware. You can create an appliance based on Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS. You are of course free to write your own plugin to support any other virtualization platform or operating system!

Refer to the tutorials page to get more information about BoxGrinder. There you’ll find code examples and detailed usage instructions.

Latest stable release

BoxGrinder Build: 0.10.3

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